> [!warning] I'm not currently available for work. Sorry! ## 📝 Changelog - 2024-23-04 - Added [[PR-008 - Squash bug families, not bugs with Gleam]] - 2024-02-07 - Added [[PR-007 - Why you don't need React]] - 2023-07-10 - Added [[SC-002 - Stakable NFTs]] - 2023-07-04 - Added [[GN-001 - Entering the Fediverse]] - 2023-06-27 - Added [[SC-001 - Pausable ERC20 Tokens]] - 2023-06-07 - Added [[CA-005 - What am I? A Quick Look at Zero to One Engineers]] - 2023-05-26 - Added [[CR-003 - Overcollaterised Loans with DeFi]] - 2023-05-11 - Added [[3D-003 - The cutest dang server rack you've ever seen]] - 2023-05-10 - Aggregated everything to Obsidian Publish. ## 🔗 Important Information - Timezone: GMT+8 - Email: [email protected] - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnnguyen236/ - Telegram: https://t.me/nii236 - GitHub: https://github.com/nii236 - CV: [Link](https://static.jtmn.dev/john_resume.pdf) ## 👋 About Me > Advisor, Founder Developer, CTO, Software Engineer ![[john_microphone_webtoon.png]] I am a technical and strategic founder developer experienced in web3, software engineering and building startups over the past 10 years. I operate at the senior software engineer to CTO level depending on the size of the organisation, and am able to develop a company's "zero to one" product. My web3 origin story started almost ten years ago, when I bartered Bitcoin for malaria tablets (irl) while living in Ghana, West Africa in 2012. I founded and grew Ninja Syndicate into a large team of 50+ web3 builders in Australia, focused on developing a platform for Metaverse Gaming. I'm looking to contribute to cutting edge software projects with cool problems to solve. I look forward to collaborating with a remote-first, technical and engaging team. ## 🏆 My Achievements With the invaluable help of others, I have: - Launched a token sale generating over 4.5M USD in revenue - Founded two software companies growing to 50+ staff - Mentored and trained 15+ full stack software engineers - Launched a GameFi product with 17k+ community - Written smart contracts reaching a TVL of $500k USD - Ran a tech business podcast reaching 100+ episodes ## 🥷 My skills I have programmed against several languages, frameworks and libraries over the past decade, and can pick up new ones quickly. My current tools of choice are: - Go - TypeScript - React - Solidity - Foundry - Docker/k8s - Postgresql The above tools enable a powerful combination of scalability, type safety, maintainability and general purpose programming.